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For a manufacturer using vulcanized rubber, it is essential that cured, vulcanized rubber should have consistent physical properties, from batch to batch and even within the same batch.

However, due to improper dispersion of sulphur in rubber, the cured rubber often has inconsistent properties, ruining the product.

Our highly specialized rubber curing additiveCureWel, prevents this. By dispersing sulphur properly throughout the rubber before curing,  CureWel ensures that the rubber is uniformly cured and vulcanized.

This not only gives better strength to the products but also improves productivity and reduces wastage.

How does CureWel work ? Sulphur is not easily dispersed through the rubber, which generally leads to uneven curing. To compensate this, standard trade practice is to add more sulphur than ideally required, resulting in wastage of input material.

CureWels patented technology ensures that Sulphur mixes much better in the rubber matrix. This reduces the required dosage of Sulphur. Lower Sulphur dosage for the same level of curing means better scorch safety.

CureWel is also very useful in rubbers like Butyl and Nitrile rubber where mixing of Sulphur in the rubber matrix is difficult

Dosage of CureWel: Same as the dosage of sulphur.